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Participation Lists

Please see below student-athlete participation and travel dates for the week of March 2nd - March 8th.

To find participation lists online, visit EOU Sports > Student-Athletes >Participation Lists

Please reach out to Mary Teresa Barnett with any questions or concerns regarding travel or missed class time due to athletic sponsored events.

Please note: With the current weather conditions, some of our teams may have extended traveling times due to road closures or delays. All teams will do their best to stick to the times set below and you will be notified of any changes that occur. We always appreciate your willingness to work with our student-athletes.

Games: Friday, March 6th @ 12pm & 2pm
Saturday, March 7th @ 11am & 1pm
Location: La Grande, OR

Jordan Henley
Payton Pocklington
Katie Silvestri
Ashton Kazmierski
Jordan Shaw(not participating)
Julie Hernandez
Amanda Smith
Madison Parker
Courtney Williams
Abby Giles
Glori Cheevers
Natalee Hall
Haley Ebner
Brianna Zweygardt
Kaylin Winans
Madison Plew
Kristina Furtado
Taylor Dow
Miranda Fetters
Faith Huezo
Alaina Carson
Brittney Bertrand
Jenna Gray (not participating)
Hailey Crudo
Shelby Starr

Indoor Track & Field
Depart: Monday, March 2nd @ 5pm
Arrive: Sunday, March 8th @ Midnight
Location: Brookings, SD

Megan Boals
Megan Bolton
Jasmine Devers
Paige Dodd
Katie Jo Gebhardt
Elizabeth Herbes
Michelle Herbes
Payton Jolley
Maggie Ledbetter
Olivia Lane
Calista Van Delden
Noah Chaney
Allex Kosel
Alex Navarro
Travis Running
Hunter Schiess
Corey Sledge
Dustin Zimmerly

Men's Wrestling
Depart:Tuesday, March 3rd @ 5pm
Arrive: Sunday, March 8th @ Midnight
Location: Wichita, KS

Blake McNall
John Bittinger
Rowdy Keller
Josh Pine
Keegan Mulhill
Marco Retano
Ryan Redford
Noel Orozco